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Blue Note Woodworks

 Repairs, Restorations & Custom Mods.

~   Fully Licensed & Insured, Climate Controlled Luthier/ Repair Facility  ~    ~ Serving the Rogue Valley Since 1980 ~


Testimonials ~

Shop Capabilities

Repairs, Restorations & Modifications ~

Guitars, Bass, Banjos, Mandolins, Dobros (Resonators), Ukes & Etc.

“If it has Frets, we work on it...all makes & models”

Acoustic & Electric

Antique & Vintage Restorations

No Job too Big or too Small.

Custom Design / Build ~

Come & See our selection of Aged Tone Woods...

Mahogany, Maple, Koa, Paduk & etc. Ready for your Dream Guitar.

CAD design available.

Custom Finishes & Refinishing ~

From Rich Translucents to Custom Air Brush Artwork.

Custom Electronics & Modifications ~

Custom Pickups & Wiring

Custom Woodworking

Custom Pickguards

Custom Setups

~  Custom Pickup Installations & Modifications  ~

Exclusive Dealer  for ~

* K&K Sound  Pickups...(Premier Acoustic Guitar & String Instrument Pickups)                   

                                      Reviews   *    K&K  Sound Clip Samples

“For that Full Warm Original Acoustic Sound”

* Lindy Fralin Pickups...(Premier Handmade Elec. Guitar Pickups)    

                                      Reviews    *    Audio/ Video Clip Samples

    “For that Custom, Classic or Vintage Sound”

* Suhr Pickups...(Premier Top Rated Elec. Guitar Pickups)

                                      Reviews    *   Audio / Video Clip Samples

                                      “For that Classic or Vintage Sound”

* Bare Knuckle Pickups...(Premier Handmade Elec. Guitar Pickups)

                                      Reviews    *  Sound Clip Samples 

                                      “Looking for that Signature Sound”  


* Bartolini Pickups...(Premier Top Rated Elec. Bass Pickups)

                                      Reviews    *   From Harmony Central


And many more to choose from....

Call or Email for all Pricing & Availability

Need it Fast?

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Rush Priority


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Blue Note Woodworks Quarterman Res-O-Cones Resophonic Guitar Parts Quarterman Res-O-Cones Resophonic Guitar Parts

K&K Pickups

"I am wild about K&K pickups and use them in all my acoustic instruments. If you want the real sound of your guitar to come through,  K&K is the answer."   ( John Standefer - National Champion Fingerstyle Guitarist )

Strat Setup

"Had Rob set up and re-string my Strat after I tried to set up the guitar myself and messed it up. Rob got it all back to a perfect state and on time. I will not use anybody else."  (Allen Q.)

K&K Pickup Install on Martin

"I really like the K&K pick-up Rob recommended for my Martin acoustic guitar.  It has a true acoustic sound.  I’m very pleased.  Rob did a great job installing the unit, and other repairs to the guitar."   ( Marvin E.   )

Replace Nut & Saddle / Adjust Action                 

"Rob thank you for the excellent service.  My guitar sounds 100% better.  It is so nice to find someone who is honest and sincere in the work they do.  I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I come across that needs them.  God Bless!! "  ( Jessica O. )

Setup 2 New Guitars

"Hey Rob... it's after 10:00 and I just got a chance to play the guitars... they're fantastic and so much fun to play!  McKenzie and I are both really stoked.    (Maggie M.)

Replace Pickups & all Electronics for Vintage Sound on Fender Tele
"I'm lovin' the Tele.  The pickups are very super.  I reeally like it!"    (Shelby M.)

Replace Pickups & Setup

" Rob you did such an awesome job on my guitar I would love to setup a time for me to bring out my Acoustic to you.  It just needs to be setup as it never has since it came from the factory."  "One of the best decisions I have ever made is taking my electric guitar over to you. You  did such an incredible job changing out my stock pickups with custom pickups and setting up my guitar.  I even told you of a switch on the guitar that was in a bad place, so you relocated it. That's above and beyond what I would have expected.  You also charge much less than others in the valley and your quality is top notch.  My guitar , now sounds like a $3000 PRS or any other high quality guitar I have heard.  In fact, I'm bringing my other guitars to you to have similar work done.  I highly recommend Rob to all musicians, professional and casual. "    (Chuck W. )

Suhr Pickups

“Rob, Thank you again for your help! The pickups got here yesterday and tonight my guitarist is already playing with his improved guitar, and is happier than a kid on Christmas day!! Since doing business with you was a real pleasure, I would like to ask you if you sell stuff for bass guitars as well because my guys here are all in a shopping frenzy since yesterday :)  Thank you again for your help!” (Silvia P. from Italy)

Fralin Pickup Install on Fender Strat

“Hi Rob, Just to let you know how tickled I am with these Fralin pickups, for my HSS Strat. As much as I loved the Telecaster install, this guitar is much more versatile and does it all beautifully. The good thing about Fralin pickups is I never want to put the guitar down. Unfortunately, the bad thing about Fralin pickups is I never want to put the guitar down. It's like candy for my ears.”  (S. Maxwell)

Reglue Bridge on old Martin 0018

I can’t believe sounds so much better ! (Eric V.)

K&K Pickup Install, New Quarterman Cone, & New Spider Bridge on Paul Beard Dobro

“Hey Rob,  the new K&K Pickup worked perfect.  The sound guy ran me through the PA so the sound was very real and acoustic.  I  had more volume than I needed.  I  got quite a few comments about how good the Dobro sounded.  As you know... that’s not so easy with a Resonator.  Thanks for the great job.”  (Aaron P.)

Scooped Neck,  Leveled &  Dressed Frets on Claw Hammer Banjo

"Rob recently scooped the neck and did a general setup on my open back banjo. Rob was great to work with. He was careful to exactly understand the details of what I wanted, and he worked around my schedule. The results are fantastic. The scoop is absolutely perfect and thanks to his setup and work on the frets and the neck, the banjo is a joy to play. Thanks Rob!"  (Darren J.)

Level & Dress Frets w/ New Bone Saddle

Hi Rob,  I'm really pleased with my guitar!  The action is great and the sound is amazingly better with the bone saddle. Thanks!  (Jim  R.)

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For Ordering or More Info. Please Contact Us  

Blue Note Woodworks

Gold Hill,  OR   USA

Pro-Setup Strat “Had Rob setup my strat after I tried to set it up myself and messed it up. Rob got it all back to a perfect state and on time. I will not use anybody else”. Allan Q.







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