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Blue Note Woodworks
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Thank you for purchasing a Blue Note Woodworks Instrument. As the original owner, you are entitled to a limited lifetime instrument warranty free from defects in materials and workmanship, except hardware and electronics are warranted for one (1) year from date of purchase. Please retain your sales receipt, as it is your proof of purchase validating this limited warranty.

The following conditions apply:

1. This warranty is non-transferable; it applies to original owner only.
2. All repairs must be done in our shop.
3. Repair or replacement of any instrument is at our discretion.
4. Warranty does not cover routine maintenance, normal wear, accidental damage,     modification, exposure or abuse.
5. All claims must be shipped prepaid; return shipping is prepaid or collect.

    If any defects in materials or workmanship materialize, please contact us immediately

    by calling our Customer Service Department at 541-499-2479, or email us at Blue Note Woodworks, LLC strives to build a     quality all American made instrument, we stand behind our product 100% and are here

    to help with any situation our customers may have. For further help please contact us.

Our Instrument Warranty & Owner’s Manual

 “Limited Lifetime Warranty”

Owner’s Manual

Proper care & maintenance is crucial to the life of any instrument. The following tips will help with the care of your instrument:   

1.  Temperature & Humidity: Keep from direct sunlight or excessive heat and cold.  Always allow instrument to acclimatize to room temperature by cracking case open for a few minutes before removing. (Store in case with humidifier.)

2. Setup & Adjustments: Are necessary from time to time & when traveling to different climate zones. (A professional setup may be needed when first acquiring your instrument.) All Blue Note Woodworks’ instruments have a Double-Action Truss Rod system. The Dbl.-Action Rod can correct the neck in either direction from over-bow to under-bow. In order to correct for over-bow turn the allen nut counter-clockwise, and to correct for too much under-bow turn the allen nut clockwise. (If it feels slack, that's the center-point, which will need to be tightened ¼ turn clockwise) CAUTION: DO NOT continue adjusting if extreme resistance is felt in either direction. Take the instrument to a qualified professional luthier for inspection or return to us.

3. Care & Feeding: The Fingerboard will need to be oiled from time to time. (Use only designated Fingerboard Oil and follow instructions, no wax or polish.) When cleaning or polishing Instrument, use only a clear Guitar Polish, Pledge or other similar polish & cleaner. (Do Not use silicone, wax or any milky white polish.)  

For Ordering or More Info. Please Contact Us  

Blue Note Woodworks

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