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Bassic  Bass  Upright  Stand


Stand Technical Details

    Maximum Height: 60 inches

    Closed Height: 23 inches

    Net Weight: 2.5 lbs

    Maximum Load: 15 lbs

    Material: Lightweight aluminum alloy

    Color: Black

Base & Ball Head

   Quick-release mounting plate with non slip rubber and safety lock

    Tilt tensioner: 90°    

    Panoramic angle: Horizontal 360°


Counter Weight Hook Mount

   Attached center hook is provided to use a 5 lb. counter weight to stabilize your stand

    Twist hook counter clock-wise to remove from center column

    (Counter weight bag is included, however 5 lb. weight is not included.)   

Center Column

    Rapid stability center column

   Reversible locking center column

Durable Flip Lock Legs

    Non slip rubber feet with retractable spike

    Closed cell comfort grips

    Integrated bubble level

    3-position independent leg angle adjustment locks

   4 sections per leg

All of our Basses are capable of being setup & equipped for our optional Upright Bass Stand.

This allows you to play in either the upright position or the horizontal position. The stand is both rugged and light weight, capable of handling up to 15 lbs. of weight, and extends up to 60” in height. It is 360° and X-Y-Z axis adjustable with its Base and Ball Head.

It also includes a Quick-Release Mount and Carry Case.  

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