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Blue Note Woodworks
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Frequently  Asked  Questions

What do you recommend for neck tonewoods?

We mostly use and recommend Domestic Eastern Rock Maple, it has a very definitive &

accurate sound, and it’s also very stable and easy to work with. We have also used

Mahogany, which is another instrument standard. We found Mahogany to be darker & deeper

sounding, but not quite as articulate as solid Maple. We also offer, if preferred, a 5 piece

laminated Mahogany Neck with a 3/4” wide Maple center strip outlined with 1/16” ebony,

which brightens up the darker sounding Mahogany or vice a versa with a 5 piece laminated

Maple to darken up the brighter sounding Maple. For Fingerboards, Ebony or Rosewood is a

natural choice. Rosewood is a little warmer, lighter & less dense than Ebony, which has a

tighter brighter sound and more enduring, both are an industry standard. And then we are

using Bone for Nuts, to enhance that warmth with a little brightness and strength. However,

if you prefer something else, we can do that also.   

When choosing my Tonewood, can you email me photos of what you have in stock?

Yes, since we are a custom build-to-order shop, we like our customers to feel they are part

of the custom build process as much as possible. We not only email you photos of our

tonewoods to choose from, but also keep you photo posted as the build process takes


You mentioned all your instruments are built to order, except your demo models,

how long does it take to build one, and are your demo models available?

Yes, all our instruments are “Custom Built to Order”. At the time an order is placed, it locks

in your price and locks in your place in the schedule. All completion dates are target dates

that are approximate and subject to unforeseen delays. Typical wait times are based on our

current schedule and project complexity which is about 6 months. We appreciate your

understanding and we will always strive to deliver as quickly as possible. And yes, our demo

models are available; please contact us for price & availability.

How do I go about placing an order & how much of a deposit do you need?

First of all , give us a call or email us. We will then send you a Customer Order Form to fill

out. Then give us a call back to discuss your custom options and/or questions. Then after

that, mail the Customer Order Form back to us with your enclosed check or money order for

a minimum deposit of 50% of the total, with the balance due within 15 days of completion

& prior to shipping. After receiving your instrument inspect it closely & notify us immediately

of any shipping damages and/or any defects you may find. Upon delivery, if the instrument

ordered is not satisfactory you have 3 days to contact us in regards to a return. All our

Instruments carry a limited lifetime warranty. We will always strive to build a quality all

American made  Instrument, and will stand behind our instruments 100% and are here to

help with any issues our customers may have.

For Ordering or More Info. Please Contact Us  

Blue Note Woodworks

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