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Blue Note Woodworks
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Repair Gallery


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'68 Fender® Strat

Refinished Tobacco Sunburst

George Harrison's 1968 Solid Rosewood Fender® Telecaster

While working at Fender ®, Rob found & purchased

the sister of the two Rosewood Tele's made in 1968.

He repaired the crack in the finish & sold it to a collector.

Early 1900s SS Stewart 5 String

Restore & Make Playable

1929 National

Restore & Make Playable

Believed to be a Late 1920s Gibson L-3

Restored & Made Playable

The Before & After ......1941 Martin 0028

Restored & Made Playable

(Owner found it in a barn with an arrow shot & stuck in it.)

Martin DM Acoustic Guitar

Installed K&K Pure Western Mini Pickups inside under bridgeplate

Late 1960s Fender® Jazz Bass

Fully Restored ~ Refretted & Refinished

Gibson ES-335

Removed Trapeze Tailpiece &

 Installing Stop Tailpiece

New Gibson Songwriter

(Designed by Ren Ferguson)

Performed Pro-Setup

60s Reissue Gibson Reliced SG

Perfomed Pro-Setup

Free-up Reliced rusted bridge & saddles

1965 Gibson B25-N

Replaced Bridge & Pickguard

Installed K&K Pure Western Mini Pickups

Early 60s Gibson J200

Replaced Original Waffle Back Tuners

Installed New Compensated Bone Saddle

Performed Pro-Setup & Set Intonation on New Saddle

The Before & After......

Late 1800s Antique Pump Organ

Fully Restored, Refinished & Made Playable

Solid Koa Strat Body style w/Dbl. Humbuckers

Finished in Clear Nitro Lacquer

1973 Ferguson D1000

Pre-war Rosewood Dreadnought w/Cedar top

Rob helped build as an apprentice.

Ren Ferguson was Production Mgr.

At Gibson's Montana Plant.

John McLaughlin & his  famous “Double Rainbow

 ~ Rob Helped Build ~

By Rex Bogue, with Ren Ferguson & Larry Brown

John McLaughlin...
"I can't believe Ibanez made a copy of the Bogue guitar. If you only knew how many people have asked me about that guitar...

Misc. Photos


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Rob- Bench side at “Music Man” Guitars

Repair Dept.  (late 70s pre-Ernie Ball)

Mr. Doc Kaufman

1944 Partners with Mr. Leo Fender (K&F Amps)

I took this photo while visiting him at his home in 1978

The Dopyera Bros. of National & Dobro Guitars

Ed, John, & Rudy during the 1970s

These are the guys that are responsible for the beginning of my professional career. (They gave me my first job as a guitar maker.)

John Quarterman of "Quarterman Res-O-Cones”

& Don Young of “National Resophonic Guitars

I took this pic while jamming at John’s one night in the late 70s.  (I had to put down my guitar.)







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