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Blue Note Woodworks
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“I was pleased to have had the opportunity to demo these basses from Blue Note Woodworks. I have never really been interested in a short scale bass or an acoustic electric bass until now. These basses have amazing "tone for days"... no matter where you are playing on the neck. Each string had the same volume unplugged as well as plugged in. Usually there's one string that stands out above the rest and is louder, this isn't the case here. The weight was balanced very well to the weight of the body, I was able to balance the bass level across one finger. The rich warm sound of the fretless model would be a great asset to any studio. The fretless model can really fake that upright double bass sound.”

Shannon Jennings Bassist for: Oregon Rain, Zion Train, Beyond The Walls, Craig Wright Band

“I really enjoyed playing both of the Blue Note basses. These unique, exotic wood instruments have great tone and playability. It's very clear that a great deal of thought, design, and craftsmanship goes into every bass. The fretless sounds much like an upright, even though it is a short scale electric. The player should be pleased with the tonal variety. The fretted bass sounds great and gives the unique blend of an acoustic/electric sound. These custom basses are special and easily worth the money!”

John Lingafelter / Bassist / Elec. & Upright

"Hey I wanted to let you know that I've fallen in love with your bass. It plays beautifully with just the right amount of fretless growl. The shorter scale makes it very comfortable and easy to play. Plus its absolutely gorgeous. The craftsmanship is flawless."

Billy Garrett, Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

“Found an incredible custom luthier in Gold Hill, Oregon. He is building short scale fretless basses that are the first bass guitars I have ever heard that sound like a standup. Incredible guy named Rob Cusumano. He repairs all stringed instruments and builds guitars and basses.

Since I have a sight impairment issue, he is going to build me an electric bass that will take care of my issues.”

Michael Glicksberg, Harbor, OR.


Greetings from Florida! Just a quick note to let you know that your bass is in the recording studio and the famous Sam Bush tried it out a few weeks ago and was very impressed with the workmanship and the incredible sound. Thanks!

Neptone Recording Studio, Destin, FL.


Bassic Bass

"Truly an amazing instrument" - M. Johnson

Bassic Bass

"Geez, that beats the heck out of having to carry around

the big monsters!" -  J. Rojas

Bassic Bass

"I love the tone of this bass man! It's dangerously close to the sound of an upright. Love the voicing, beautiful instrument!" - J. Caldwell

For Ordering or More Info. Please Contact Us  

Blue Note Woodworks

Gold Hill,  OR   USA

"The Blue Note Woodworks Bassic Bass is a truly unique instrument!"

Liza Carbe, Bassist for “Incendio”

Los Angels, CA

"I played this guitar is amazing!!"

Mark Tveskov -guitarist                           “The Crossover”

I'm really enjoying the bass. Sounds great, plays easy, looks beautiful! Thank you!  Scott Chadwick, Kurashiki, Japan







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