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For over the last 30 years Blue Note Woodworks has been mainly a guitar repair shop, with a few custom builds being done from time to time. Then early in 2011, Master Luthier/Owner Rob Cusumano started working on an idea of a small thin body semi-acoustic/electric bass that could produce a sound that would rival the sound of the big upright bass. With his years of experience in building and R&D, the concept became a working reality that produced a prototype that was stunning everyone that heard or played it! “An incredible  small package, with an incredible Big Sound.” Hence the birth of the Acousta-Elecktra Bassic Bass. From there, in the summer of 2012 Rob’s son, Seth, had an idea of building a guitar (similar in design to the Bassic Bass) but switchable from an acoustic sounding guitar to a full blown electric guitar. It  was then, about 7 months later, the Acousta-Elecktra Hybrid “Crossover” Stereo Guitar was born.

Rob is quoted with the following-

“All our instruments are uniquely innovative, handmade and man-made here in the USA, without the use of any CNC machines. With great attention to detail and research, we will always provide the absolute best in quality handmade instruments and in helping our customers achieve the sound and performance they desire. I have always been drawn to the early artist and craftsmen that continued a tradition of a true artistry form of building fine instruments, using old world techniques that was not only consistent but uniquely beautiful both musically and functionally... making a truly boutique instrument. Those are the instruments that are most sought after and most valued even by today’s standards”. -RC

As owner, Rob Cusumano has mentioned, Blue Note Woodworks is dedicated to and is always striving to build a phenomenal sounding high quality handmade, all American made instrument, along with following his Italian design tradition of style, form and function. Having a phenomenal sounding instrument is their number one priority and then also keeping custom cosmetics to a high standard of excellence, as specified by the customer, is what they’re all about. By utilizing old world (old school) techniques in building, they are able to keep overhead and cost to a minimum, thus having the ability of being very competitive in the marketplace. They will stand behind their product 100% and be there to help with any situation their customers may have.

Although Blue Note Woodworks is now also building guitars and basses, they are also still providing guitar repairs, restorations and custom modifications. You can call ahead to reach them directly or email them with questions. They will not only turn around your instrument quickly and economically, but also offer a Rush Priority Service for those with tight time restraints. If you are out of the area & need to ship your instrument in for repair, please call or email ahead for specific details & tips for shipping your instrument. Blue Note Woodworks will always strive to help please customers with honesty & integrity along with good ole’ fashioned friendliness and great prices.   


 For further help please contact us.Luthier, Owner & Manger, Rob believes that all Art & Music is created and inspired by God, the giver of Life & our Eternal Living Soul. And that He gave us Art & Music, the universal language and expression of our Heart & Soul, and Inspiration. Rob's desire is to help bring that Inspired Art & Music back to the venues, streets & homes of today's mainstream culture.    

Blue Note Woodworks, LLC ,

Company Story

What's a Blue Note you ask?  

In an excerpt from the encyclopedia Wikipedia & Folklore:  

In jazz and blues, blue notes are notes sung or played at a lower pitch than those of the major scale for expressive purposes. Typically the alteration is a semitone or less, but this varies among performers. Though blue notes are usually said to be a flattened third, flattened fifth, and flattened seventh scale degrees. These blue notes are what turns a major scale into the blues scale.  The same transformation of notes transforms the minor scale into minor blues scale. The Blue Note is also recognized as “The Note”  that weaves together our roots in Folk, Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Blues & Jazz Music. And the color Blue is also believed to be "The Color of Heaven" in some cultures. 







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