Rob has been building & repairing musical instruments professionally, since 1972. He was born and raised in the burbs of Los Angeles, CA of Italian descent. He has mentored under, and worked for, some of the world’s largest & most popular guitar manufactures and luthiers in the world. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing & repairing thousands of instruments, rest assured, Rob will professionally take care of and handle your prized instrument with up most care. Today Rob continues to strive to help his customers in getting the best possible sound & performance out of their instruments either new or used.

    While in his teen years Rob was passionate about Woodworking & Music. His building & repairing of musical instruments started sometime in his late teen years, as he discovered that he loved to work with Wood & Music. Rob’s very grateful for all the musicians, builders, luthiers and repairman who taught, mentored, inspired & encouraged him to keep at it, including Bernardo “Bernie” Rico Sr.(B.C. Rich Guitars), John, Ed & Rudy Dopyera (O.M.I. “Dobro Resonator Guitars”), John Quarterman (Quarterman Reso-Cones), Don Young (National Reso-Phonic Guitars) Fiddlin’ Red Simpson, Robin Williams, Tony Vorell (WPM), Ren Ferguson, Larry Brown, Larry Ferrara, Fred Gerlach, Leo Fender, George Fullerton (MusicMan and also G & L Guitars) and Doc Kaufman, most memorably. The education Rob received from his mentors was invaluable...not at all comparable as going to guitar making classes or a luthier school. Rob started out mostly by trial and error... trying to repair broken instruments, and building mountain dulcimers (while working in cabinet shops, going to school, and pestering luthiers). After college, he started his career working for some of the world’s largest known guitar manufactures.

    In 1972, Rob began his professional career at Original Musical Instruments “Dobro” (resonator  guitars), with the inventors & designers of “National & Dobro” Guitars, (the Dopyera brothers, Ed & Rudy). While there, he worked with John Quarterman (Quarterman Res-O-Cones), Don Young (National Reso-Phonic Guitars), & Fiddlin' Red Simpson.

   From there in 1973, Rob apprenticed with world famous Master Luthier, Ren Ferguson (Ferguson Guitars & Banjos), where he helped build John McLaughlin's famous "Double Rainbow" guitar, along with many handmade pre-war dreadnaught guitars & mastertone banjo reproductions.

   After that in 1974, Rob was then employed by CBS Musical Instruments (Fender®, Rodgers & Rhodes), in the Neck Fabrication Dept. until he was promoted to the Quality Control Dept. where he found the sister of George Harrison's famous solid rosewood Fender® Telecaster guitar from 1968, buried under a heap of boxes.

    In 1976, when Mr. Leo Fender went back into business as CLF Research, for (Music Man Guitars) and later becoming (G & L Guitars) Rob was employed in the Wood Shop and Assembly Dept. Within six months, warranty repairs were starting to come in, and Rob was asked by Mr. Fender, to head up the Repair Dept., where he worked on guitars owned by the famous Albert Lee, Joe DiBartola, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, James Burton, Eric Clapton, and many others. While working at “Music Man” (pre-Ernie Ball), Rob partnered with John Quarterman (of Res-O-Cones) and opened “J & R Guitar Repair” in Fullerton, CA.

   In late 1979, Rob moved to S. Oregon, and in 1980 started his own musical instrument repair & custom build business until 1998, when he started to pursue other interests.

   In 2007, after great demand & requests, Rob felt led to start the Shop back up again, as "Blue Note Woodworks LLC”.  

Rob Cusumano  - Owner / Master Luthier / Guitar Tech








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