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Bassic Bass

“Simply Divine by Sound & Design”

Blue Note Woodworks  unveils their first Semi-Acoustic/Electric Bass

with its Short Scale, Unique Sound Chambers and Solid Tonewoods,

that rivals the Full Warm Woody Sound of the Upright Bass

Handmade in the USA


      The Standard Bassic Bass  


            Custom Built-to-Order Price..................MAP $2495  ( Retail $3199 )

                     (Click Here for Custom Options & Upgrades, added to this price.)

The Bassic Bass has some very unique sounds & features contributed to its exclusive patent pending sound chambers, shorter scale, lower string tension, and internal acoustic pickups, which gives it that full warm woody sound, without feedback. And along with its beautiful warm natural earthy look & feel, another benefit is its size and weight, making it very easily playable for newbies to pros, and portable enough for travel. Each instrument is “handmade” which gives it its very own unique physical & tonal characteristics. Made from the highest quality materials, solid tonewoods, and superior craftsmanship, that will please for a lifetime. “Call us for a test’ll be amazed!”

Blue Note Woodworks

Strings by D’Addario

Custom Electronics Engineered by K&K Sound

Custom Bassic Bass (Koa/Mahog.) pictured above

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